Maintain the Safety of your Vehicle with East Lansing car repair

Brakes are one of the safety features of your vehicle. Timely replacement of your brake rotors helps to protect you while you are stopping. Worn brake pads may result in the non- functioning of your brake system. - East Lansing brake repair

Okemos auto shop gives you some ideas if you miss your brake inspection by a professional mechanic. Some of the symptoms that you can check for without knowing the exact condition of your brakes are that the brakes should never squeal, squeak or pulsate. Many Grand Ledge car repair centers start up a repair without knowing the exact problem of your vehicle. This may result in future problems with your brakes and more money out of your pocket.

 Lansing brakes and mufflers will take good care of your vehicle by being very thorough. We do not begin a repair on your vehicle from the moment it is brought in. First we test drive the vehicle to confirm your problem, after that East Lansing car repair removes all 4 wheels to confirm and find the problem, after diagnosing, and receiving approval from you the real work starts.

East Lansing auto repair has always done high standard diagnostic testing of your vehicle’s faults. Proper cleanup of the vehicle is done to get rid of the rust & corrosion. Our highly trained technicians also correctly lubricate all parts. Okemos auto shop uses high quality lubricants to ensure longer life of the parts.

After lubricating we use the correct thread sealant on all applied screws and bolts to avoid any failures down the road. Grand Ledge brake service always performs a final test drive of your vehicle after all repairs are made. Okemos auto shop charges an extremely reasonable price for ceramic brake pads and brake rotors. We also have the best price in town or imported vehicles.

Okemos brake service provides services from basic annual- brake inspections to complex diagnosis of Anti- Lock Brake systems.

Other systems that are taken care of by the Grand Ledge auto shop are:

•    Cleaning and adjusting brakes

•    Repair brake hoses and brake lines

•    Brake shoes and brake pads

•    Brake drum repair and brake rotor, brake caliper repair and brake wheel cylinder

•    Brake booster repairs and master cylinder, wheel bearings and traction control systems

•    Brake fluid flushing

Most of the newer vehicles use ceramic as the main material for the brake pads . The ceramic prevents brake squeal dust on wheels and discoloration of rims.

 Lansing brake repair pays particular attention to the braking system, and we take extra care so you do not experience any problems after repairs are made. We would not want brake squeal or squeaks or pulsation to occur down the road a year from now. Many shops will use low-quality brake pads will result in the brake squeal or other issues.

East Lansing car repair repairs your vehicles ceramic brake pads so that they will last for three to five years or up to 30,000 to 50,000 miles, without any problems.

 Lansing auto shop has always provided you and your vehicle the best service with the latest technology. East Lansing auto repair has always kept up with the latest most advanced technological developments so we can repair the most current brake systems.

So, remember Okemos brake repair is the one trusted name for any brake repair problems with your vehicle!

East Lansing brake repair